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10 Essential Personal Finance and Investing Resources You May Have Missed

We’re very cognizant of how busy your lives are and assuming that you simply can’t search for and read all of the brilliant personal finance or investing resources around the blogosphere, we’ve corralled some of our favorites below. We hope to make this a weekly feature and we really hope you enjoy it.

Among the resources below, you’ll find tips and advice relating to taxes, annuities, exchange traded funds, economics and much more, all in one conveniently packaged list.

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Personal Finance Resources

Personal Finance Resources

Why QuickTax online is the only program for personal finance journalist Jonathan Chevreau of the Financial Post
We certainly wont argue with Mr. Chevreau’s choice as we ourselves our mighty happy users of QuickTax ourselves.

Common Questions and Answers about Annuities
Some great information here regarding annuities coming from a certified financial planner.

Have you been thinking of making a budget for yourself?
Now you have no reason not to with these 3 free setting financial goals worksheets.

5 Simple Tax Tips To Save You Money
April 30th, 2010 is the deadline for all personal income tax filers including the self-employed.

What is the The Buy/Sell Agreement Between Business Partners
Vital information addressing who would inherit the portion of your business owned by your business partner, should your business partner happen to die.

Investing Resources

Investing Resources

Reasons behind why Canadian investors are justified in being overweight in Canadian Stocks
Are you overweight Canadian stocks in your portfolio? Find out why you are justified in your position.

You’ve heard of the MER (Management Expense Ratio) but what about the TER (Trading Expense Ratio)?
We’d never heard about the Trading Expense Ratio before… now we know what it is.

Did you want to know why the Loonie is as strong as a bear?
Strong as a bear…? You have to admit, that title has you curious?

Why people fail investing in ETFs?
With the plethora of available ETFs and the increasing popularity of them as investing and trading vehicles, this article highlights some critical information for all investors.

Economics and Canadian Economic Policy with Kevin Carmichael of the Globe and Mail
Flipping the tables. An interview with Kevin Carmichael of the Globe and Mail on Economics and Economic Policy.

Disclosure: This site is compensated through the QuickTax Affiliate Program.

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