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Canadian Investing & Personal Finance Weekly Wrap Up

Investing & Personal Finance Weekly Wrap Up” width=”240″ height=”240″ />

We haven’t done one of these weekly roundups in a while so here goes. The following 5 articles encapsulate the best in personal finance and investing related information from around the blogosphere this past week. Enjoy.

We would also like to take this opportunity to let you know that we are launching the Canadian Personal Finance & Investing Carnival. The inaugural edition will be hosted by us on July 17, 2010 with the last day for entries being July 13, 2010. Initially we intend for the Canadian Personal Finance & Investing Carnival to be held twice a month but there exists the possibility of increasing the frequency should we befriend a few bloggers as hosts for the Carnival. So make sure to send in your entries by July 13, 2010 (after reading and abiding by the description/rules of course).

  • Carnival of Personal Finance - The Carnival of Personal Finance is a compilation of the best personal finance and investing related articles from around the blogosphere. Keep in mind, our Canadian Personal Finance & Investing Carnival is restricted to Canadian bloggers and content only.
  • Friends and Money - Do you talk with your friends about money? Find out one blogger’s thoughts on discussing money related topics with friends.
  • The case against dual class shares - With Frank Stronach and Magna in the news again this week, find out one blogger’s arguments against dual class shares.
  • Why Mortgage Funds Are Cool - While we do hear a lot about Money Market funds and even Bond funds, we don’t hear too much about Mortgage funds. Investing in mortgages can be a viable alternative for some people and in this post you can read about one blogger’s views on Mortgage funds as an alternative to Money Market funds and Bond funds.
  • Longevity Risks For Retirement Assets - Life expectancies are increasing beyond original forecasts so find out some of the risk management solutions currently being developed for use primarily by pension plans.

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