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Tax Tip For Canadians: Be Confident Doing Taxes Yourself

The following article is authored by Cameron Moore, a senior product manager with Intuit, the company behind QuickTax. He’s responsible for the direction of products and services for the Canadian Consumer taxpayer and professional accountant markets.

Cameron Moore is a senior product manager with Intuit

Tax season is well under way, and for many it brings mixed emotions. On the one hand, there’s the anxiety of ensuring your receipts are in order, figuring out what tax credits are relevant, the inevitable procrastination, and of course wanting to make sure you’ve done the job right. On the other hand, there’s your tax refund, the all-important cheque many Canadians look forward to receiving just in time for spring. (And if you use the CRA’s NETFILE service to file, getting it back in as little as eight days.)

Whether we feel anxious or excited, we all want to be confident our return is accurate, we’ve maximized our refund and are getting back every penny we deserve. This might sound self-serving, but the surest way to do this is by using tax software. Unlike the pen and paper method, tax software has the calculations built in and prompts you to find every deduction, dramatically reducing your chances of missing something. And unlike taking your slips to a tax store and paying someone to file for you, software tools empower you to prepare and file on your own terms – when and where you want.

Is it that easy? Yes! Intuit and other tax software developers are responsible for keeping up with federal and provincial tax law and ensuring any rule changes are built into the software. QuickTax also carries an accuracy guarantee, so people can be certain all the calculations QuickTax makes are accurate. Not only does it take the worry out of preparing taxes accurately, it makes it easy too. QuickTax includes an Easy Step interview that asks simple questions and automatically fills in a user’s tax return. The built-in guidance makes it easy to find all the relevant deductions and skip the rest. For the more hands-on tax preparer who likes to have more control, the desktop version of QuickTax also includes electronic versions of the traditional blue-form model, and it’s easy to toggle between the interview and the forms. Whichever option people choose, they can be confident all the tax credits they’re eligible for are accounted for, each calculation is accurate, and they’re maximizing their refund. It’s not surprising four million Canadians relied on QuickTax to file their taxes last year.

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Finding every deduction and maximizing a return is important, but what about when life tosses people a curveball? We all go through changes in our life year to year, be it marriage, purchasing a new house and renovating it, heading back to school, having a baby or retiring. These changes can significantly impact tax a person’s tax situation. QuickTax makes it easier to see how big and small life changes affect your taxes by asking simple questions about what’s new in your life, we help eliminate the guess-work about whether something is relevant to your taxes. For instance, no one says “…I’ll need to input my T4 and T2202A information this year.” They say “I left my job and went back to school to get more training.” The great thing about tax software is it takes every possible deduction into account. We do the hard work for you, so you can be confident you’ll find every deduction you qualify for and get back every penny you deserve.

I keep coming back to the confidence message, and that’s because we hear it from Canadians across the country: they want to be confident their return is accurate and they’re not leaving any money on the table. They want support when they need it, and that’s why we offer phone and e-mail support, plus the Live Community social network, in addition to the Ask a Tax Expert service, and more. The bottom line is Canadians who use tax software like QuickTax can be confident that, no matter what their situation, their taxes are accurate and they’re getting back every penny they deserve.

Now that you’re brimming with confidence and cant wait to do your taxes, click here to use the QuickTax Free Online Edition for the 2009 Tax Year

Disclosure: This site is compensated through the QuickTax Affiliate Program.

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