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Canadian Personal Finance & Investing Carnival

Welcome to the 9th edition of the Canadian Personal Finance & Investing Carnival.

Canadian Personal Finance & Investing Carnival

The following collection of links point to the best and most interesting personal finance and investing related articles published in the Canadian blogosphere in the last 15 days. Replete with takes on impending initial public offerings (IPOs), portfolio management, personal finance and frugal living, consumerism and investing, you’ll have a hard time not finding something of interest in the fanfare below.

So take a moment to check your appointments before proceeding because we have a sneaky suspicion that you’re going to be entertained and occupied for the next couple of hours.

The next few lines are directed to all you Canadian Personal Finance & Investing bloggers out there. While we have your attention, we would like to take this moment to invite submissions for the tenth edition of the Canadian Personal Finance & Investing Carnival slated for publishing on November 30th, 2010. So if you’re a Canadian blogger specializing in personal finance and or investing, make sure you submit your best articles for inclusion and while you’re at it, perhaps spread the word about the Canadian Personal Finance & Investing Carnival.

Let the Carnival begin:

Beating The Index presents Why I choose to pay down the mortgage faster instead of investing, saying, “I choose to invest my lump sums in my mortgage before anything else. Even if the return is as low as 2.5% it is risk free return.”

Canajun Finances presents That is One BIG Mortgage, saying, “We hold over a trillion dollars in Mortgage Debt? Holy cow!”

Invest It Wisely presents Living to 100 and Beyond: Building an Infinite Portfolio, saying, “This article looks at the difference between traditional retirement planning and aiming for an “infinite” portfolio.”

Canadian Finance Blog presents How To Start Planning For Christmas And Save, saying, “As October fades away and November takes over, the days tick by like clockwork and you need to get rolling on your financial Christmas planning.”

Balance Junkie presents What Is a Balanced Portfolio?, saying, “What does a balanced portfolio look like? Can it contain all stocks or no stocks?”

Boomer & Echo presents My Brand New Car, saying, “I recently purchased a brand new 2011 vehicle. I know what you’re going to say: I wasted my money, that I lost at least $3000 the minute I drove it off the lot, that I could have got a better deal with a used car, blah blah blah. I don’t care.”

Money Smarts Blog presents How Financial Advisors Get Paid, saying, “Financial advisors come in different shapes, sizes and compensation methods. Some will charge you directly for their advice, while some appear to be offering a free service since you never see any fees.”

Canadian Couch Potato presents Lowering Your Currency Exchange Fees, saying, “With the Canadian dollar again hovering around parity, it seems like a good time to consider ETFs denominated in US dollars.”

Canadian Capitalist presents Price War Among Discount Brokers, saying, “It has been more than 3 years since the last round of discount broker price wars. The latest price war is encouraging because it will reduce the cost of buying and selling stocks for even more self-directed investors.”

Million Dollar Journey presents RRSP or TFSA with a Defined Benefit Pension?, saying, “One question that relates to the TFSA that I get often over email is what do when an investor has a defined benefit pension plan (DBP), should the priority be the RRSP or TFSA?”

Larry MacDonald presents More clouds gathering in China, saying, “The news coming out of China this week was not comforting. Despite ongoing efforts by the central bank to slow down the economy, the inflation rate is accelerating:”

Investing Thesis presents How To Manage Risk, Increase Income and Maximize Returns With Mohsin Bashir, CFA Of Highwater Capital Management, saying, “Managing risk using options doesn’t have to be a hard endeavour. In this interview, you’ll learn how one hedge fund analyst uses options to lower his average purchase price of a stock and boost the exit price, while collecting an income as a hedge.”

Dividend Dollar presents A Gift called Coupons, saying, “three months of unemployment takes a toll on your emergency fund-however temporary retirement does give you more time, consequently when my beautiful niece had her birthday, we decided to spend less of our diminishing resource (money) and more of our increased resource (time) by making coupons-and she loved it!”

Before You Invest presents New website for the Canadian Anti Fraud Centre, saying, “The Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre estimates that between $10 and $30 billion dollars are lost each year to frauds in Canada, a figure comparable to drug trafficking revenues.”

Financial Thinking presents The Barbell Investment Strategy, saying, “Most people use a middle-of-the-road strategy. They want a narrow range of outcomes, because not losing is important. Reducing the possibility of losing money also reduces the possibility of making money. A strategy that provides similar certainty with a possibility of better returns is called a barbell strategy.”

Rob Carrick presents A bond survival guide for investors, saying, “Stocks are the ties that bind you to bonds. Stocks are unpredictable and the only sound way for most investors to manage the volatility is to keep bonds in their portfolio.”

The Passive Income Earner presents Investing Starter Kit: The Knowledge You Need!, saying, “I have been blogging about different subjects of investing and cataloging my progress along the way and I thought I would take the opportunity to summarize some posts to help along readers wanting to start investing or at least to understand a number of key points when investing.”

The Loonie Bin presents Time To Pick Up American Stocks?, saying, “So why U.S. stocks all of a sudden? Well in case you haven’t noticed, as I’m writing this, the loonie is sitting at 99.73 cents and it looks very likely that it will go beyond parity allowing more bang for our Canadian buck.”

Today’s Economy Blog presents The new retirement and personal debt, saying, “Another study of Canadians’ plans for retirement has landed, confirming what others before it have reported: we don’t expect our senior years to be anything like those our parents enjoyed.”

Jonathan Chevreau presents Young, broke? You, too, can be a millionaire, saying, “One of the things I like about Gordon Pape’s The Ultimate TFSA Guide is that he shares my personal feeling of urgency that young people should start a tax-free savings account as soon as possible.”

Divestor presents Whistler Blackcomb – quick IPO analysis, saying, “Whistler Blackcomb will be trading next week under ticker symbol WB in Toronto. They priced their shares at $12 – down from the expected $15.”

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That’s a wrap, folks! Have a smashing day!

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  • Thepassiveincomeearner

    Thanks for the mention!

  • http://www.investitwisely.com Invest It Wisely

    Another great roundup, Arjun! Re: Larry MacDonald’s post, I wonder if some more warning signs aren’t starting to come out of China. I wonder what kind of an impact US monetary policy is having. Thing is, all those excess US dollars have to go somewhere, and if they don’t get spent in the US economy itself, they get spent elsewhere. This is how the US can export inflation, and this is in part the problem that other countries have to deal with!

  • Anonymous

    You’re very welcome, PassiveIncomeEarner.nnArjun

  • Anonymous

    Hey Kevin,nnThank you for the insightful comment. I would tend to agree with you but more importantly, I would like to know what you think about the solution.nnArjun

  • http://balancejunkie.com/2010/11/03/what-is-a-balanced-portfolio/ What Is a Balanced Portfolio? | Balance Junkie

    [...] This article was included in the Canadian Personal Finance & Investing Carnival #9 at Investing Thesis. [...]

  • http://www.firstrentalproperty.com Neil Uttamsingh

    Hi Arjun,nI came across your blog via one of the links in the Canadian Real Estate Blog Carnival. nYour blog is very impressive and the depth of your content is excellent.nKeep up the great work!nBest Regards,nNeil.

  • Anonymous

    Hey Neil,nnI appreciate the kind words. Hope to see you around this corner of the interwebs again.nnArjun

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