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Canadian Personal Finance & Investing Carnival

Canadian Personal Finance & Investing Carnival

It’s C-A-R-N-I-V-A-L time again. Another 15 odd days have gone by and its time to round up the best and brightest in the fields of personal finance and investing in Canada. However before we get on with the festivities of the Carnival, there are some housekeeping things we’d like to inform you of.

A fellow blogger, Mike Holman from Money Smarts Blog has just released his first book. Mike’s worked in the Canadian financial industry for almost two decades and writes a very popular personal finance blog. His book is entitled ‘The RESP Book: The Complete Guide to Registered Education Savings Plans for Canadians‘. Written in very simple, easy to read prose, the book contains all the information you will ever need to know about RESPs and best of all, Mike manages to pack in all this information in 114 pages. Mike’s RESP Book is available on Amazon so go check it out and stay tuned for a review of the book and an interview with Mike (we haven’t asked him yet but we’re hoping he agrees).

Another blog buddy Tom Drake of Canadian Finance blog recently launched a personal finance aggregator called the Money Index and he was gracious enough to include Investing Thesis (you can find us listed under the Canada tab). So go take a swirl around the site and try not to wile your day away.

The next few lines are directed to all you Canadian personal finance and investing bloggers out there. While we have your attention, we would like to take this moment to invite submissions for the eighth edition of the Canadian Personal Finance & Investing Carnival slated for publishing on October 31st, 2010. So if you’re a Canadian blogger specializing in personal finance and or investing, make sure you submit your best articles for inclusion and while you’re at it, perhaps spread the word about the Canadian Personal Finance & Investing Carnival.

Having gotten all that housekeeping stuff out of the way, we present to you the 8th edition of the Canadian Personal Finance & Investing Carnival …

Canajun Finances presents Overdrafts Summed Up Nicely, saying, “Banks and overdrafts summed up nicely.”

Balance Junkie presents Nightmare on Wall Street II, saying, “At the risk of using hyperbolic Halloween metaphors too early in October, I’d like to point out an issue that has, until very recently, received very little attention in the mainstream media. It’s the resurgence of trouble in the banking sector due to toxic mortgages that caused the Nightmare on Wall Street in 2008.”

Natalie MacLellan presents Women and investing, saying, “The whole women aren’t good with money myth is a holdover from the days when we weren’t even allowed to have our own money. Women are just as good at managing finances as men, and it is starting to show.”

Canadian Finance Blog presents Retirement Is About More Than Just Money, saying, “A successful retirement is about more than just money. The starting point of a retirement plan is to develop a retirement vision.”

Beating The Index presents Will plug-in electric cars impact oil demand?, saying, “looking into what might be the impact of EVs on oil consumption in the next decade.”

Invest It Wisely presents 7 Wealth Building Strategies, saying, “This article discusses seven basic strategies to help build up wealth. The strategies are derived from lessons taught by George Samuel Clason in “The Richest Man in Babylon”.”

Landlord Rescue presents Your Personal Residence is An Expense, saying, “As someone who works in the real estate arena with income properties I have often heard the myth that your personal residence is an investment. This is a total fabrication. Here’s why.”

Money Smarts Blog presents Scotia iTrade Discount Broker Review, saying, “It’s been a while since we’ve done a discount brokerage review. This week, we will take a look at Scotia i-Trade discount brokerage.”

Canadian Capitalist presents 2010 Canada Savings Bonds on Sale Now, saying, “New series of Canada Savings Bonds and Canada Premium Bonds are available now for purchase until November 1, 2010.”

Canadian Tax Resource Blog presents How Are Bonds Taxed?, saying, “A bond or debenture is a form of debt that pays interest periodically. Depending on the type of bond or portion of the bond purchased, the tax treatment of the investment income may result in interest income, capital gains, or capital losses.”

Investing Thesis presents The Differences Between A Chartered Financial Analyst And A Chartered Market Technician, saying, “From the plethora of designations that you might see affixed to the name of your financial advisor or a portfolio manager, the CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) and the CMT (Chartered Market Technician) are arguably the most rigorous and exacting designations to acquire in their respective fields of study, fundamental and technical analysis. Drawing from his knowledge and experience as a Chartered Financial Analyst as well as a Charted Market Technician, this next interviewee takes us through what each designation could bring to a financial advisor or portfolio manager when it comes to making money in the capital markets.

My Own Advisor presents Introducing…Captain…Aqua America!, saying, “This post introduces Captain……..Aqua America to our portfolio. A superhero? No. A super stock? We think so.”

Dividend Dollar presents Option Fund Philosophy, saying, “Due to my recent use of Options and the potential large gains and losses that can be attributed-I found myself needing to pen a strategy to keep myself inline and not be taken like a pig to the slaughter!”

Financial Highway presents The Canadian Housing Market: Unaffordable and Getting Worse, saying, “Despite the fact that the Canadian housing market has come nowhere near to collapsing in the fashion seen in the United States, a similar event may be on the horizon as the cost of owning a home continues to rise.”

Canadian Couch Potato presents Parking Cash in Your Portfolio, saying, “GICs and money market funds have long been the usual places to park cash in a registered account. The problem is that GICs are are not liquid: they’re not cashable without forfeiting the interest, and you can’t add to them each month. Money market funds are more flexible, but these days their yields can be neatly rounded off to 0% after fees. Fortunately, there are alternatives, though many investors don’t even know they exist.”

Young and Thrifty presents Would You Rather Grow Up Wealthy… or Not?, saying, “A thought had always crossed my mind as I was growing up, especially during my formative high school years, during when I often pondered my existence and direction in life. This prevalent thought was whether, if I had a choice, I would want to grow up rich and affluent compared to my peers, or whether I would want to grow up less affluent.”

Larry MacDonald presents Investing in the China of the future, saying, “I believe China needs to rebalance its economy and the changes to come should generate a new array of opportunities and risks for investors.”

In Search of Salt presents Interview With a Canadian Trade Commissioner: Part I, saying, “At the end of September, I was fortunate to be granted an informal interview with one of the Canadian Trade Commissioners abroad. This is Part I in a series of articles based on that talk.”

Today’s Economy Blog presents Why the French pension protests matterOf course it is too early to tell whether the French strikes signal a new phase in the struggle between government austerity and the labour movement. But I think it is fair to say that we don’t yet know what the outcome of these demonstrations will be.”

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That’s a wrap, folks! Have a smashing day!

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