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Canadian Personal Finance & Investing Carnival

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Ladies and Gentlemen. Boys and Girls. Children of all ages. It’s time for the fourth edition of the Canadian Personal Finance & Investing Carnival. Once again we didn’t receive as many submissions as we’d hoped for so we went ahead and rounded up the best of the best in the realm of Canadian personal finance and investing and will now serve up our findings in this edition of the Canadian Personal Finance & Investing Carnival.

In addition, we would like to take this opportunity to invite submissions for the fifth installment of the Canadian Personal Finance & Investing Carnival slated for publishing on September 15th, 2010. So if you’re a Canadian blogger specializing in personal finance and or investing, make sure you submit your best articles for inclusion and while you’re at it, perhaps spread the word on the Canadian Personal Finance & Investing Carnival.

Without further ado ….

Myke Czikk presents Do It Yourself, saying, “A post about saving my mother-in-law a few hundred dollars by taking care of some gardening clean-up rather than hiring a landscaping company.”

Big Cajun Man presents OK My Man! (Rudeness in my Opinion), saying, “When did being rude become a sales technique in Canada?”

2 Cents presents The Periodic Table of Deflation: How Many Elements Do You See?, saying, “With all the talk of deflation and the effects it may have on your personal financial and investment planning, it might be a good idea to take a look at what elements come together to form deflation.”

MoneyNing presents money-management/money-mistakes-that-mostly-women-make/”>Money Mistakes That (Mostly) Women Make, saying, “Women are prone to make certain money mistakes more often than others.”

Financial Highway presents 5 Steps to a Debt Free Life, saying, “A blissful debt free life is within your reach. You only need to live smart to stay away from debt. Here are some tips that would help you to achieve the feat:”

Where Does All My Money Go presents Interview with the Secretary General of Luxembourg for Finance, saying, “A little while ago, I had noted that Luxembourg had a population of roughly 500,000 yet had the second largest investment fund industry in the world, second only to the USA. I interview Mr. Jean-Jacques Picard, the Secretary General of Luxembourg for Finance, for more details.”

Canadian Dream presents 50 and Broke? Early Retirement Planning Can Help, saying, “Early retirees have some particular issues that are unique, like a reduced CPP pension, but otherwise planning to retire at 65 when you haven’t started planning at 50 is similar to what I’m doing. You have a really tight time frame to save and not much compounding interest to help you out.”

Michael James on Money presents Unrealistic RRRSP Contribution Expectations, saying, “We hear frequently that young people should start contributing to an RRSP early in life.However, there are some unrealistic expectations buried in the assumptions used.”

Money Smarts Blog presents 8 Things You Need to Know About Withdrawing Money From Your RESP Account, saying, “I’ve put together a useful list of all the information you need to know in order to get your money out of an RESP account.”

Beating The Index presents Stock Trades: Sold Fortuna Silver (TSE:FVI), saying, “I sold the last of my shares in FVI, deep down I feel I might have sold too fast since Silver just hit 19$ yesterday and could continue its run.”

Million Dollar Journey presents The Downside of Owning REITs, saying, “One of the major problems when buying REIT’s is the lack of control. When buying you make a number of assumptions that you may not be aware of such as the value of the assets they hold and the benefits of professional management.”

Canadian Capitalist presents Do Advisors Add Investment Value?, saying, “A recent research paper out of Germany provides ammunition to those who question the value of investment advice.”

Canadian Couch Potato presents Investing Lessons From the Poker Table, saying, “I’m just a guy who loves to play poker, and on Tuesday I took a day off to visit the local casino, where I played poker at a table with several amiable older gentlemen. The experience got me thinking about how poker and investing teach many of the same lessons:”

Boomer & Echo presents Insider Tips: How To Save Money On Hotel Rooms, saying, “Most hotel chains have an employee rate program starting at $39 – $69 per night to stay at their sister hotels.Here are my top 5 tips to save money on hotel rooms:”

A Leveraged Life presents The Lifelong Learning Plan, saying, “For those familiar with the Home Buyer’s Plan (HBP), where you are permitted to withdraw up to $25,000 from an RRSP for use towards the purchase of a home, the Lifelong Learning Plan (LLP) is almost identical.”

The Passive Income Earner presents Dividend Yield: Bank of Montreal (TSE:BMO), saying, “With the recent correction BMO has had. It is worth having a look at it as it is paying a good dividend yield of 4.86% from Friday’s close of 57.60$.”

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That’s a wrap, folks! Have a smashing day!

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