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Canadian Personal Finance & Investing Carnival

It’s another edition of the Canadian Personal Finance & Investing. The 13th one, in fact.

As days come and go, it’s hard (at least for me) to keep a track and consume all the tips and advice that gets published in the realms of personal finance and investing in Canada and if nothing else, this Carnival impresses upon me the discipline to scan and read the most up to date material in these fields. I hope the Canadian Personal Finance & Investing serves a similar purpose for you.

This edition packs tips and advice on new year’s resolutions, personal financial statements, the nitty gritty of tax free savings accounts and lots more.

Canadian Carnival Of Personal Finance & Investing

These next few lines are directed to all you Canadian Personal Finance & Investing bloggers out there. While we have your attention, we would like to take this moment to invite submissions for the 14th edition of the Canadian Personal Finance & Investing Carnival slated for publishing on January 30th, 2011. So if you’re a Canadian blogger specializing in personal finance and or investing, make sure you submit your best articles for inclusion and while you’re at it, perhaps spread the word about the Canadian Personal Finance & Investing Carnival.


Value Indexer presents Facebook’s 100x valuation is pure growth speculation, saying, ” The recent media coverage of Facebook’s new investments has been heavy enough and excited enough to doubt the accuracy, but a recent story from the Financial Post reveals some very interesting details (not officially confirmed of course). Even though this type of investment would be far outside my plan it’s a useful and timely exercise in valuation.”

Boomer and Echo presents Assessment Time, saying, “At the beginning of each year I take a look at the previous year-end financial statements and review my portfolio.”

Financial Uproar presents Hallelujah! Zellers Is Being Purchased By Target, saying, “How Target’s acquisition of Zellers will impact the Canadian retail market.”

Invest It Wisely presents Falling Prey to Temptation: Self Control in an Age of Excess, saying, ” Why do so many New Year’s resolutions fail after only a few weeks? Why do so many of us need to commit to get into shape, pay down debt, or quit smoking… not once, but again, again, and again? Perhaps it’s a lack of self-control.”

Before You Invest presents New Year’s Resolutions: Read your monthly account statements!, saying, “My friend once told me he doesn’t read his monthly investment account statements because he doesn’t want to micro-manage his account. His investment goals are long-term, and if he gets too wrapped up in day-to-day or month-to-month changes in his account value, he tends to make rash decisions. I understand the point he was making, and it is good to know yourself and how to control potential bad investing impulses.”

Money Smarts Blog presents What Age Can You Open A TFSA (Tax Free Savings Account) In Canada, saying, ” One common question regarding the TFSA (Tax Free Savings Account), is How old does someone have to be to open a TFSA account? Given that this is Canada, the answer is not as straight forward as you might think.”

Investing Thesis presents Seven Resolutions for a Prosperous Investing Year

Financial Highway presents 12 Foods that Freeze Well for Later… and Some That Won’t, saying, “One of the biggest money-saving techniques you can practice in the kitchen is to preserve foods by freezing.  Whether you choose to freeze whole, raw, or single-ingredient foods – or cook an entrée for easy prep later – the opportunity to buy low and eat when foods are more expensive is an appealing one.”

Beating The Index presents Portfolio Benchmarking: Comparing Apples to Apples, saying, “I’ve been measuring my portfolio’s performance against the Toronto Stock Exchange for a simple reason: I wanted an easy way to compare the ROI of a dollar I manage compared to a dollar in my RRSP balanced indexed funds. Most fund managers diversify so much they end up mimicking the index in the end so the TSX seemed just fine.”

Canadian Finance Blogpresents A Look At Canadian Personal Finances, saying, “Most Canadians have a budget and try to pay off debt quickly, but could pay more attention to service fees and working to reduce debt.”

Balance Junkie presents TFSA: Investment Gains, Withdrawals and Contribution Room, saying, “What happens to your TFSA contribution room if you have investment gains or losses? Here are some examples.”

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That’s a wrap, folks! Have a smashing day and week!

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  • http://www.investitwisely.com Invest It Wisely

    Your carnivals are one of my favorites, Arjun. Thanks for including me!

  • http://www.investitwisely.com Invest It Wisely

    Your carnivals are one of my favorites, Arjun. Thanks for including me!

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