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We’re always on the lookout for contributors on a regular or one-time basis for InvestingThesis. If published, you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that you’ve aided in learning and enrichment of the countless investors that turn to the internet to better their understanding of the capital markets. If you are an investment adviser, certified financial planner, portfolio manager, research analyst (fundamental or technical), geologist, economist, chief executive officer or a member of executive management for any company, a keen observer of the capital markets and a retail investor/trader, you maybe pre-qualified. If you fall into any of the categories mentioned in the previous line and want to communicate your views but do not have the time to contribute an article, send me an email to request an interview: arjun at investingthesis dot com or click here.

It’s extremely important to us that you are not only knowledgeable and experienced in the topic of your choosing but that you are exceedingly passionate about it too.

An article doesn’t have to be 1500 words or particularly long, what’s vital is you’re take on a topic, be it a stock, bond, ETF, commodity, mutual/hedge fund, investment product (including websites, books etc.), economic statistic or general discrepancies/observations that you notice in the markets. We’re open to fundamental, technical or any other kind of analysis you may want to write about as long as you can back-up your opinion with a thorough and well though out argument, in the form of evidence.

It is definitely beneficial if you have some experience writing, especially for the internet as writing for the web requires snappy, catchy, to the point prose that is not particularly verbose and is rich in examples and/or graphics. Writing for the web also employs the use of lists and frequent headings to categorize subject matter and to make it easier to follow. Having saying all that, writing experience is not a requirement. As the saying goes, ‘Content Is King,’ so what matters most is how unique your opinion is.

Before submitting an article to us, consider this:

a) If you were a reader of the article you are about to submit and had to rate it on a scale of 1 to 5 for uniqueness/originality, helpfulness/utility and the ability to keep someone captivated, how would you rate the article? If you score lower than a 12, consider re-working the article. After all, the article will forever have your name attached to it!!

b) The article has to be an original piece and cannot have been published elsewhere. Please credit all sources and do not plagiarize. Additionally, please list all conflicts of interest and notate any disclosures.

c) Articles must be non-promotional. In exchange, we will provide you a 20 word promotional by-line and author page with an extended biography (50 word limit).

d) We reserve the right to edit and/or reject the article.

e) Guest articles are unpaid.

f) You grant InvestingThesis a license to be the exclusive publisher of the article online. Extracts can be republished elsewhere. We would rather the article not be republished elsewhere but if you have to, we would appreciate it if a minimum of 3 weeks have gone by before the article in its entirety is be republished elsewhere. If you choose to republish the article in its entirety elsewhere after the passage of 3 weeks, the line, “This article first appeared on Investing Thesis” has to be included when republishing. If found contravening of this guideline, the original post will be removed as soon as possible and the possibility of every working with us will be greatly diminished. We hope it never comes down to this.

g) You consent to the full article, extracts, samples or examples from it appearing in all InvestingThesis social media (eg. Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Scribd etc.) derivations.

If we haven’t lost you already and you couldn’t be more excited to be published on InvestingThesis, drop us a line.

One final note, if you’re article is published, we provide you with the option of engaging us as a reference for your writing abilities. Our reference will take the form of an email and will not be more than a few lines but will espouse not only your writing abilities but also your eagerness to assist others via your writing.

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